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About the Artist

Buy paintings, clay works and prints by Jeanette at Trinity Street Market and Gallery in Abbeville, SC

        In the Morning, O Lord, you hear my voice: In the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation. Psalm 5:3


      Every day I wake up in awe of my blessings and I am truly grateful to God who inspires me to share my gift of expression through art. I am fascinated with creatures, great and small and bringing them to life on canvas with uninhibited color is exciting for me. My passion for the rich, luxurious Men's Gucci Belts Cheap colors such as those found in Southwestern art is what gives my work its unique quality. I work from photographs that I take myself, but the paintings always end up looking very different from what I start with. My style is all about accentuating colors that most people just do not notice. The mediums that I choose to work in most are watercolor for its looseness and warmth, acrylic for its forgiving nature and colored pencil for its texture.


   My other passion is clay. Not practical pottery and definitely not serious, semi functional, this stuff is mostly just for fun. It's colorful whimsical, critter art. Cats, horses, fish, mermaids and others will warm your heart and cheer up your woeful friends. All of it is hand built using techniques such as coiling, pinching and slab combined.  Clay is something that has always intrigued me. I remember making mud pies as a kid, the feel and the smell was soothing.Real Gucci Belts Cheap When I was about sixteen years old I began taking pottery classes and I was hooked. Opening a kiln, especially after a glaze firing, is such a thrill. It's like opening Christmas presents, you just don't know exactly what to expect.



Artist's Bio

     With subjects varying from soulful animals and people to unusual architectural or landscape features, art has been a lifelong passion for Jeanette since a young age. Although she has experimented with many different materials, acrylics, watercolor and clay are her favorites. The signature, Pink Earth,Discount Men Gucci Belts represents the vivid color yet down to earth personality displayed in her work. She and her husband, Don, live on five acres in Abbeville County with their daughter, Audrey, two cats, three dogs, and three goats. They fix-up ugly houses to sell and Jeanette teaches pottery classes at the Greenwood Arts Center and stays involved in her family, church and community.

About Spiritual Portraits: "I am using this opportunity to bring God's message through stories, poems and personal experiences of people that I meet along the way. So look, read, enjoy and ponder."


You can find works by Pink Earth displayed at:

SC Artisans Center in Walterboro, SC

Taylor Galleries in Greenwood, SC

The MACK Artisans Gallery Shop in McCormick, SC

Stars Art & Antiques in Edgefield, SC

Trinity Street Market and Gallery in Abbeville, SC

The Artist's Coop in Laurens, SC

Christopher Park Gallery in Greenville, SC

Artist- Jeanette Ross/Pink Earth
Abbeville, SC

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